Foundation Management

Fifteen (15) member Board of Directors provides management and oversight to the foundation. One of the directors is also designated as the Executive Director and is responsible for day to day operations.

Board Officers consist of a:

President-  CW4 Christopher Mackenzie

Vice President-  CSM(Ret) Raymond Zastaury

Secretary-  BG(Ret) Gary Ottenbriet

Treasurer-  Mrs. Kimberly Hoffman

Executive Director-  CW4(Ret) John Godburn

Director- COL(Ret) John H. Grasso

Director-  BG Ralph Hedenberg

Director-  CSM John Carragher

Director-  MG(Ret) Thad Martin

Director-  CSM(Ret) Joseph Sevigny

Director-  Mr. Harvey Silverman

Director-  COL(Ret) John Wiltse

Director-  CCM John M. Gasiorek

Director-  CSM(Ret) Paul J. Diorio


By-laws prohibit:

Political activity

Lobbying activity

Other activities contrary to its tax exempt status


How to Help