2022 Annual Appeal


Dear Friends of the Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc,


I have BIG NEWS for you.  Your donations to the Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc, are helping support Connecticut service members and their families, who are struggling with financial insecurity.  

Every day, more generous people, like you – from around Connecticut, and beyond – are making a difference in the lives of our soldiers, airmen and their families.  For many of these service members, it’s because generous donors have come together to support the Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc for decades.  

Many of our service members who are struggling find it hard to ask for help.  The mindset and culture within the military community is to “tough it out” and things will work themselves out.  But this is not always the case, especially for those members who have young families.  They cannot afford to ignore their problems when they have spouses and children, they are responsible for.  Your donations will help us help them.

Will you join our family of donors, so we can continue to support and help these families in crisis?  Your gift today of $25, $50, $100 or $1,000, helps us continue in our mission of providing financial assistance to our military members and families.  

In the past two years, the financial impact of the pandemic and multiple overseas deployments, has led to an enormous increase of requests for help, and depletion of our unrestricted funds.   We are asking you to help us build it back up. 

            Unrestricted funds are critical because they go wherever the need is the greatest.  For example, unrestricted funds can provide assistance with weekly care and emergency relief (including food & clothing); paying rent, mortgage interest and utilities; medical expenses and some dental expenses; eye examination and eye glasses; audiological examination and hearing aids; funeral expenses; home health care; yearly scholarships. 

This is why I hope you will continue to help our service members and their families with a gift to the Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc.  When you do, you are making a difference in the lives of our soldiers and airman.

We take seriously our obligation to ensure your donations are used wisely. Our grants are not a “free ride”, given to just anyone who has a story.  We thoroughly screen all applications to ensure that the money you donate, goes to those who most deserve it.  Oftentimes we find that there are other agencies and programs, whether they be federal, state or non-profit, that can better serve our members in need.  Only when these applicants have fully exhausted all other programs, do we commit your donations – we are the charity of last resort.  

I hope you will continue your support of the Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc by making a tax-deductible donation during this year’s annual appeal.  I know there are many worthy charities, and I want to thank you for continuing to support us, and the service members and families we support. 

In order for us to assist these families, we need your help.  Our hope is to continue to support our Guard family as long as the need exists, but we cannot do it alone.  We need your help.  Won’t you please consider making a donation to the Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc?  Contributions can be made by check, credit card, PayPal, and now Venmo.  You can donate by check or credit card, by using the enclosed reply card and envelope, or for PayPal by going to our website at www.ctngfi.org and clicking on the “how to help tab” and then the donate button.  To donate by Venmo use our account name:  @ctngfi.  If you are using Venmo, please be sure to provide your name, address and/or email and cell number for proper acknowledgement of your donation.  

With your gift today, no matter how large or small, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your donation will help those most in need.  

This is the season for giving thanks ... and in that spirit, thank you for all you do for our Foundation.   Please send your most generous gift today.




Christopher Mackenzie

Chief Warrant Officer Four (Retired)




Scholarships | Connecticut National Guard Foundation

Connecticut National Guard Foundation Scholarships

The Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc,  to the extent that financial resources permit, shall offer annual scholarships to members of the Connecticut National Guard and Organized Militia or their sons, daughters or spouses. Sons or daughters of Connecticut National Guard Retirees are also eligible. 

Scholarships are offered in two categories: 

1) Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc Scholarships
2) SGT Felix M. Del Greco Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc scholarships are offered to members of the Connecticut National Guard and Organized Militia or their sons, daughters or spouses. Sons or daughters of Connecticut National Guard Retirees are also eligible. 

The SGT Felix M. Del Greco, Jr. scholarship is offered to sons or daughters of currently serving Connecticut Army National Guard members. 

The number of scholarships and dollar amounts offered each year can vary based on available funding.  To learn more about what is being offered this year and to apply, click on the links below that pertain to the scholarship(s) you are interested in.

2023-2024 Academic Year Scholarship  Announcement

The Connecticut National Guard Foundation, Inc announces its 2023-2024 academic year scholarship program.   This year the Foundation will award a total of eight scholarships.

1) Three $4,000.00 scholarships honoring SGT Felix Del Greco Jr. will be awarded to a son or daughter of a member of the Connecticut ARMY National Guard. 

* Please note that a special application is required for the SGT Del Greco scholarship which may be obtained from: http://www.conncf.org. No other application will be accepted.  Application suspense dates for this scholarship are also different from that of the CTNGFI scholarships, so please take note.  

2) Five $2,500.00 scholarships will be awarded to Connecticut National Guard and Organized Militia members or their sons, daughters, or spouses and children of Connecticut National Guard Retirees.

Additional Information:

1. Complete application packets for the CTNGFI scholarships must be postmarked no later than Saturday, 15 April 2023
2. The selection committee will choose students based on achievement and citizenship
3. You must be enrolled in or planning to enroll in a regionally or nationally accredited degree or technical program
4. Mail application form (CTNGFI Scholarship Only) and completed package to:

                    CTNG Foundation Inc.
                    Attn: Scholarship Committee
                    360 Broad Street
                    Hartford, CT 06015

5. Please contact the foundation at (860) 241-1550 or e-mail [email protected] with any questions or for further information. 

2022-2023 Scholarship Recipients

2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients

2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients

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